24 Jan 2015

Namibia Day 6: Desert?? Windhoek - Okahandja – Swakopmund

I love this vastness!
After a wonderful rest thanks to Bianca, we left on a balmy but cool morning. Days of difficult off-road conditions actually made me enjoy the tar road. – Yes, I know I would never let THAT come out of my mouth, but I have had a few days to reconsider my riding skills and nearly-near-death-experiences and cannot help wondering if I am way more of a sissy than I thought.

The first thing that I bump into the next morning?!?
In this case, I don't think Toni is too big for his socks!
An idea of all our electrical paraphernalia we drag along on the bikes!
The outskirts of Windhoek were beautiful and I was surprised at how mountainous the area was. Obviously it also had more rain than the area we had been in over the last few days, as the vegetation was greener and denser too.
A bit of shade for our stop
 We made good time on the tar and once again I have only praise for our F4 interphone that allows us to communicate while riding. It has been such a big help to foresee problems, where to go or stop and even some general banter.

18 Jan 2015

2000 Blog views!

Just over 2000 Blog Views in just over (our first) month!

Thank you so much Blogville! We could not have done this without you. Thanks for the complimentary compliments, all the + 1’s and most of all, for coming back time and again!

We love what we do and are stoked that we have the backing and support from so many of you. Although travelling costs money and our biggest constraint is time, we will try and bring you as much as possible.

The first exiting news is that we are going to host a guest blogger once a month. Someone who has inspired us, maybe a great blogger that has caught our attention or someone that has a great way with words and pics and LIVING THE DREAM. Please feel free to contact us PRIVATELY if you would like us to host you. The possibility is there that we might have missed your great blog somehow and we’d love to give you the exposure it deserves.

Thanks again to all of you who supports us! We really appreciate it!
Toni & Jinx

15 Jan 2015

NAMIBIA Day 5: Gochas – Stampriet – Ullenhorst – Windhoek

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Once again a lovely sunrise. Although a distant rooster was determined to wake up the district before 4am! Or no wait! Jinx was already awake! Absolutely freezing to death through most of the early hours of the morning, she could not help but notice the farm noises from early morning.

 The tents were up right next to a camp full of cattle and when we started pitching them the previous night, we had an audience come closer to investigate and then do a thorough inspection once we were done.

Getting away later than planned, we hit the road only around 10.30. We had been told that except for the first 65 kms the rest of the road had been tarred, thus no need to rush or get away early. We met a very interesting man at our campsite. Koos Van der Berg has taken a year off from work to write a book. After heart problems, he decided to hit the road, with a (very heavy) rucksack, his laptop and his own thoughts. He has walked through large parts of Namibia and lost 20kg since he started. We spent quite a while chatting to him and found him immensely interesting! Be on the look out for his book!

Koos Van der Berg

Brutus still looking strong!

11 Jan 2015

NAMIBIA Day 4: Grunau – Keetmanshoop – Koes - Gochas

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We were up early enough to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. 

Although a cold night, we slept warm and woke to birds singing and a red sun rising in the distance.  

On the road as the sun starts setting
We met up with Nic at the White house and left around 8.30. Not having anything to eat or drink, we had a picnic on the way just before Keetmanshoop.

8 Jan 2015

NAMIBIA Day 3 Springbok – Noordoewer (Border into Namibia) – Grunau

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Today has been the most frustrating day of our trip so far!  Something went wrong with the limited power supply we had at the Backpackers and Jinx left without being able to put on the helmet cam.
Still dirty in spite of a quick wash down.

We had forgotten how mountainous the area was - and exceptionally green!

Outside of Springbok - the orange Namaqualand Daisies

2 Jan 2015

NAMIBIA: Day 2. Cederberg – Algeria – Clanwilliam – Springbok

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Happy to be alive!
Once again too many pics, but after Abie leaves, we are back to Jinx taking most of the pics! Endure a little while longer please! 

Poor Toni has to figure out why Jinx's luggage was taking so long to load!

We woke up to a cool overcast morning, with weather threatening to become more than the light drizzle that was in the air. 

Climbing a hill
After a cup of coffee, we left just after 8 and found ourselves at a deep river crossing. Abie was on the other side already, so who were we to be chicken?? 
Our first (of many) water crossings