8 Jan 2015

NAMIBIA Day 3 Springbok – Noordoewer (Border into Namibia) – Grunau

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Today has been the most frustrating day of our trip so far!  Something went wrong with the limited power supply we had at the Backpackers and Jinx left without being able to put on the helmet cam.
Still dirty in spite of a quick wash down.

We had forgotten how mountainous the area was - and exceptionally green!

Outside of Springbok - the orange Namaqualand Daisies

Hitting the open roads

Hills start popping up

And the last mountain - at the border

Checking our documents at the border

We had a nice ride to the border. 

Going into Namibia from South Africa

Crossing the Orange rivier

Once through the border at Noordoewer we went and bought new Namibian sim cards for our phones so that we could have contact with folk back home and if some emergency occurred, we would be able to get help. 
First fuel from Namibia - much cheaper than in South Africa

And a data card for Jinx to keep the blog updated (yeah right!). Yet, to get the stuff to work was an absolute pain. Dramas of epic proportions! 

We ended up paying way more than we intended and thanks to the wonderful help of the staff at the Wimpy, they got us connected.  Unfortunately we had spent about 3.5 hours there.

Happy to be on Namibian soil!

This meant that we were too late to take our original route to Karasburg and opted for Grunau, were we had a good time at a wonderful campsite at accommodation called the White House. What friendly and helpful hosts! They even gave us some rusks for breakfast.

The White House was the highlight of the day with meticulous care taken of the ablution blocks, the tents and helpfulness. Not to mention the very reasonable price! Definitely a place we would recommend and visit again.
First stretch on the never ending Namibian roads

This was where we met up with Nic. A pilot who was glad to take to the open roads (for a change) and not just the skies! His wife was accompanying him with a cage for some parts of the way.

Glad to know some rest is close!

A view from my tent

First Namibian sunset
Here Jinx could not stop taking pics of the sunset and surroundings, as the sky just became more and more beautiful! 
Nic and Toni discussing the route

We had Salticrax and Mussels for supper and washed it down with a naartjie (Tangerine) and coffee.

Our first washing of the trip

Start settling down for the day

Some interesting art
Although we had to do tar all day, we were pretty tired and settled for bed quite early. We started noticing the subtle change in surroundings from South Africa to Namibia. Although different, we liked it. A kind of rugged beauty that demanded a second look.

Our camp, tents, washing and dining room

In Afrikaans: "Laugh with me; just because - for we need it".

A relief to have a good night sleep after a long and exhausting day. Our first day on Namibian soil – Yihaaa!!!

The sun catching the distant mountains

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