2 Jan 2015

NAMIBIA: Day 2. Cederberg – Algeria – Clanwilliam – Springbok

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Happy to be alive!
Once again too many pics, but after Abie leaves, we are back to Jinx taking most of the pics! Endure a little while longer please! 

Poor Toni has to figure out why Jinx's luggage was taking so long to load!

We woke up to a cool overcast morning, with weather threatening to become more than the light drizzle that was in the air. 

Climbing a hill
After a cup of coffee, we left just after 8 and found ourselves at a deep river crossing. Abie was on the other side already, so who were we to be chicken?? 
Our first (of many) water crossings      

First Toni

The view from the helmet cam!
We made it through safely, but the second crossing seemed too daunting, deep and fast flowing.
Abie and Toni discussing if they should try and get through

We decide to turn around
Abie goes through first

Back through the first river and then onto a detour that was beautiful. 

And Jinx brings up the rear
It started up a steep climb and then made its way through the rocky outcrops on the Plato.

Toni flashes past

By now the drizzle was hard enough to make seeing through the visor almost impossible, yet we were accompanied by a beautiful rainbow.

The rock formations were intricate and majestic, yet simple and plentiful. The detour included going through about 5 gates, farms with horses and a lovely campsite.

Near the campsite

Through farms
Waiting to go through one of the many gates
Some deeper (and bigger) puddles to pass

After an energy bar, the rain started falling a bit harder where the detour road connects with the original, Potholes and slippery mud greeted us a little further and we inched our way forward. Well, a little faster than inched, but still very slow. Although stressful, as I did not want to come down at the beginning of my trip, I really enjoyed the challenge and sense of achievement once I had passed without landing in a puddle.
End of our detour

Jinx thought she was going to get lucky with a stripshow, but unfortunately not!

What an awesome sight?!
Coming down the slippery pas
Amidst rain, mist and cold
Jinx's pants and shoes totally drenched (and muddy)
Slippery and dangerous we slowly made our way to the bottom

The road we took to get to the bottom
Brutus had seen cleaner days!

Sluices opened at the Clanwilliam dam

All kinds of 2-wheelers were enjoying the masses of water

From Clanwilliam we took a look at the dam after the sluice had been opened.

Then winding along a stunning road next to the river. We just had to stop at the Brick wall made by Italian Prisoners of war. Also a beautiful sight, as the water was rushing past to join the tons coming down after heavy rains, flowing high up to the trees.

This stretch was also quite a challenge with slippery mud, some sand and lots of wet spots with potholes. Yet one of the most beautiful roads winding all along the river!

The Clanwilliam dam

We met up with the N7 at Klawer and then rode tar all the way to Springbok. We could not believe the Northern Cape could be so green?!

While refuelling in Bitterfontein Abie discovered a huge gash in his tyre and was forced to turn back, limping safely into Klawer for the night.

Almost dark, covered in mud and shoes still soaked from the trip we opted to stay in the Springbok Backpackers. Unfortunately we must (for the first time ever) say that we were totally unimpressed with the value for money at this poor accommodation. The unfriendly and unhelpful staff let us feel we were inconveniencing them in spite of booking ahead of time.

Cold garage doors, little bedding and no privacy, especially in the bathroom!

But all in all, a stunning and thrilling day. We loved the challenges, the beauty and new roads. Totally drenched and knackered but happy!!


  1. What a great adventure! Inspiring 🙋

  2. Thanks Keith. Glad you find it inspiring, thanks for the kind words.