Our Logo and WHY?

Why this name?

We have started a "Riding the Dream" concept (or group), called Dirt Squared. Two friends showing the world ordinary (short) people - a guy and gal pair - can go anywhere they are prepared to let their bikes take them. Just follow that front wheel! And if you can't due to time, commitments, finances or the wife, we will do it for you.

So why Dirt Squared? Well, basically there is more than double the fun and dirt when we are two. Mainly from a safety point of view we take a riding buddy along, but then there is also the adventure, companionship and fun that go with it.

We hope to take folks - riders and non-riders - on our adventures with us. We are not particularly good riders, but we have a sense of caution as well as a sense of adventure. Combine that with the willingness to spend hours in the seat, or ages stopping to take pictures, take the road less travelled or keep it up when the sun, cold or rain throws a spanner in the wheel ... ermm works.

Then THAT is when we discover beautiful places. Then THAT is when we ride into a sunrise or sunset that takes our breath away. Then THAT is when we see and smell sights that the ordinary man never will. Then THAT is when we experience from the sun to ice-rain on our faces, and know: we ... are ... ALIVE!

Then THAT is RIDING THE DREAM!! Come and share it with us! www.dirtsquared.com

PS. Look out for our stickers. Put up on (normally behind) info boards in the places we have explored. Let us know when and where you spot one please!

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