Who are we?

About us

I am from 2009, tall, very strong, quick, and fast and can get quite loud. I also am very bright and can handle a lot more than others.
I am a few years older, not quite as tall, although just as tough, but not as quick or loud.  I am not as bright in fact some would say dark.

How we met
We both happened to be at the same garage filling up, and we noticed each other. From that moment on we both knew we had to spend time together. These reports are about our time spent together.

The Bikes:
KTM 990 Adventure

Our humans
Toni was born in Italy in the early sixties and is over 50 young, had a road bike briefly when he was much younger but has now been riding for about 6 years.

Jinx was brought up on a farm and has been riding almost anything from big trucks to bikes for years. Jinx was the first lady to legally drive big luxury tour busses.

We are both very ordinary people, both vertically challenged, and both love bikes, adventure and riding. You are probably quite able to do anything we do on this site, if you want. 

Our few basic rules:
  1. Never ride at night
  2. Don't ride dirt roads in the rain
  3. Avoid mud at all costs
  4. Deep or long river crossings are not our thing

Well, we have managed to break every rule - sometimes even a few at the same time, like riding dirt roads, AND mud... at night... in the rain! But that's what our adventures and biking is all about.

Part of the fun and memories are the difficult times we managed to conquer (in our eyes) with seemingly great skill, a lot of courage but probably not much brains! Yeah, let's just call it a no-brainer...

Where do we ride?
Rather ask where do we NOT ride? Extremely fast or seriously technical might be a bit out of our reach – although Toni has known to have done speeds of 180km/h on gravel and Jinx does enjoy the challenge of technical rides – sometimes to her detriment. But generally we (try) and stick to relatively average roads.

The only conditions are that it should be adventurous, fun and take us to places the average Joe in his car will never see.

We have had wonderful trips so far. From extreme heat in the desert to rain, mud and cold that has been debilitating.

 We have been on mountain tops, passes, down valleys and everything in between. And it has been beautiful. It has been scary.

It has been exciting. It has (normally) been pretty tiring. It has always been fun and adventurous!

We would like to take you with us on our journeys – see the places we go and read how we experience it. We are Riding the Dream – come Dream with us!


  1. Wonderful way to spend life, good for you guys!!!

    1. Thank you so much, and yes - what a way to spend one's life! - Just wish we could do more of it!